2018 Diwali & Annakut Exhibition

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2018 marks the 5th year that the most coveted festival in the Hindu calendar has been celebrated at Parliament House.

Diwali which is also known as the “Festival of Lights”, is the most widely celebrated Indian festival that spreads messages of peace, love and prosperity. The Diwali and Annakut exhibition in Queens Hall at Parliament House is a four day celebration that includes the Diwali exhibition, and offering of "Annakut" to the deities, in which a vast array of vegetarian foods are traditionally arranged in tiers in front of the altar. Devotees sing "Thaal"- songs of devotion requesting the Lord to partake in the offering which culminates in the "Arti" (waving of ceremonial lamp).

The exhibition aims to deepen the broader Victorian community’s understanding of the festival's significance to the millions of people across the world who celebrate this event.