Opening of the  Annexe building at Parliament House


For more than 160 years, Parliament House on Spring Street has been the seat of Victorian democracy. It is in this building that the laws of our state have been enacted and that  major state issues have been debated.

The main construction of the building commenced in 1855 and continued until 1892. As our state grew and our parliament grew, the original vision for the building could no longer accommodate the many demands being placed on it. In recent times the building has struggled to keep up with the demands of a contemporary parliament. Parliament House has been was groaning at the seams, with offices and meeting rooms squeezed into corridors, under staircases and above the Library’s dome, in an attempt to meet the growing demands of a functional workplace.

Three years ago, principal design consultant, Peter Elliott Architecture was engaged to design and construct purpose-built office accommodation for Members of Parliament. The construction of this new annexe is a major step forward in addressing many of the issues that have confronted the building over the past several decades. Designed to integrate with the landscape and the historic parliament gardens, this building is an impressive contemporary companion to an iconic Melbourne landmark. Importantly, it is equipped with many modern features to ensure it is an environmentally responsible and sustainable addition to the Parliamentary Precinct.

The official opening of this new annexe marks the beginning of a new era at Parliament House. One where Members of Parliament, now and into the future, can utilise these new facilities to better support their constituents in their electorate.